Board Meeting Minutes- October 2017

10/19/2017 ACRL DVC Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Nancy Bellafante, Sarah Wingo. Ellie Goldberg, Jessica Brangiel. Jess Denke. Carol Howe. Stephanie Pennucci, Paul Proces.

September meeting minutes  approved.  They will be posted to the blog.  

Next board meeting will be Friday, November 10, 2017.  This is the final board meeting before the fall program and will be held virtually.  Meeting time – 3pm.  

  • Going forward board meetings will be held mostly virtually as long as there are no board member objections.  A face to face meeting isn’t ruled out to be held say in the summer.  
  • Voting board members were asked to read and vote on student essays by Wednesday, October 26th.  Jess will follow up with the essay winner.  
  • After obtaining permission from the student essay winner Penny will post the winning essay to the blog.  The selected student will also be recognized at the fall program.  

Spring 2018 program:

  • Topic will be on communication and outreach.  Muhlenberg is set for the location.  We would like to announce the date at the spring program.  Is there enough time to pull together a membership committee to plan the spring program?  Might be better to secure a committee of members to plan the next fall (2018) program instead
  • Nancy will follow up with Penny regarding spring program dates at Muhlenberg
  • ACRL speakers bureau:
    • ACRL will send a national board member to come speak at a chapter program, application needs to be submitted soon.  Can we incorporate the themes of the ACRL speaker into the spring meeting?

Fall program:

  • We now have four panelists, latest edition is John Sullivan, Muhlenberg professor who studies mass media and influence on political discourse.  
  • Nancy has followed up with Tom Ipri, moderator for the panel.  He would find it helpful if questions were provided to him in advance.  Ellie and Nancy will follow up with Tom further.  
  • Questions will be provided to panelists by November 1.  Ellie will start a Google doc to which all board members can contribute questions.  
  • Catering is set, several vegetarian options.   
  • The PaLA grant was approved.  Jess is handling the paper program for the event.
  • Caterers need a week’s notice for final head count.  Cut off date for registration will be November 10th.  We have 39 signed up as of 10/19/17.  
  • We need a volunteer to be the lightning round moderator/timer (make signs.)   
  • Event streaming is a possibility but at $100 per hour.  Event recording is $80 per hour.  Not included in event tech fee.  Is this something we want to gauge interest in as a possibility for the spring program?  Do we charge participants?  
  • Lightning talks
    •  The board decided to extend the submission deadline to October 30th.  Board members should reach out to colleagues and encourage submissions relevant to the topic.
    • Jessica will send out to the membership list as well with the updated submission deadline.  For all board members who sent out notices to lists please send out the updated submission deadline.  

Membership meeting agenda items for fall program meeting:

    • Jess will talk more at the fall meeting about student stipend award, the mentorship program and resume review
    • The spring program will be announced.
    • Ellie will give a financial update.
    • We would like to get feedback from members as to what kind of activities they are interested in the chapter pursuing.  Jess will add a simple tear off sheet to the program with a few questions asking for feedback.  ACRL Maryland provides small opportunities for engagement for example journal club.  This wouldn’t be a recurring commitment  – one article/one meeting.  

November 10, 2017, 3PM next meeting to be held virtually. 

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