Board Meeting Minutes – November 2017

11/10/2017 ACRL DVC Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Nancy Bellafante, Jessica Brangiel, Jess Denke, Penny Lochner, Ellie Goldberg, Sarah Wingo

October meeting minutes were approved. They will be posted to the blog.

December meeting will be cancelled.  Board will resume meetings in January.  Meeting date needs to be changed for January 2018.  Possible date is January 11th, second Thursday.  Date will be confirmed in the near future. Continue reading “Board Meeting Minutes – November 2017”

Board Meeting Minutes- October 2017

10/19/2017 ACRL DVC Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Nancy Bellafante, Sarah Wingo. Ellie Goldberg, Jessica Brangiel. Jess Denke. Carol Howe. Stephanie Pennucci, Paul Proces.

September meeting minutes  approved.  They will be posted to the blog.  

Next board meeting will be Friday, November 10, 2017.  This is the final board meeting before the fall program and will be held virtually.  Meeting time – 3pm.   Continue reading “Board Meeting Minutes- October 2017”

Board Meeting Minutes- September 2017

September 21, 2017

Attending – Nancy Bellafante, Stephanie Pennucci, Jessica Brangiel, Leslie O’Neill, Paul Proces, Jess Denke, Penny Lochner, Ellie Goldberg

Introductions – Leslie O’Neill is the new archivist for ACRL DVC.

Approved Aug 17 Meeting Minutes. Will start posting meeting minutes to the blog beginning with September minutes (after approval at October meeting).  Continue reading “Board Meeting Minutes- September 2017”